Apr 7, 2024
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Restoring a Classic with Wyoming Gun Company (Part 1)

Video Production of a Gun smithing project at Wyoming gun company | gun smith fixing firearm in Casper with lighting and camera equipment

Casper, WY - We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new video series in collaboration with Wyoming Gun Company, right here in Casper! This three-part series dives deep into the restoration of a legendary firearm: the Winchester Model 190.

Over three action-packed days, our video production team captured a terabyte of footage documenting the meticulous process. From disassembly and assessment to refinishing and reassembly, we followed every step to create a comprehensive and informative resource for gun enthusiasts and aspiring gunsmiths alike.

A Deep Dive into the Restoration Process

Part 1 of the series lays the groundwork, showcasing the critical first steps of disassembly and assessment. Each component, from the weathered stock to the metal receiver, undergoes a thorough evaluation.  This initial phase is crucial for understanding the materials involved and planning the restoration accordingly.

The video doesn't shy away from the technical details. We explain the tools and techniques used, like the removal of screws and the assessment of internal parts. This transparency allows viewers to not only follow along but also gain valuable insights into the "why" behind each step.

Modern Techniques Meet Classic Craftsmanship

As the series progresses, we'll delve into the fascinating world of firearm refinishing. Traditional hot salt bluing for steel components and cutting-edge Cerakote coatings for the aluminum receiver showcase the blend of classic and contemporary techniques used in modern restoration.

Stay Tuned for More!

This is just the beginning of the journey! In the upcoming parts of the series, we'll bring you closer to the action as the Winchester Model 190 receives a new lease on life. We'll explore the intricacies of refinishing, the meticulous process of reassembly, and the challenges encountered along the way.

Casper's Trusted Partner for Video Production

As Casper's go-to video production company, we're passionate about creating high-quality content that informs, educates, and entertains. This collaboration with Wyoming Gun Company is a prime example of our commitment to showcasing the expertise and craftsmanship within our community.

Ready to learn more about firearm restoration? Be sure to check out the full video series on the Wyoming Gun Company website!

And for all your video production needs in Casper, Wyoming, contact us today!

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