Nov 30, 2018

Brotherhood in the Backcountry: A Colorado Elk Hunt Saga by Checked In Media


t Checked In Media, we pride ourselves on capturing the raw emotion, relentless spirit, and profound camaraderie inherent in outdoor adventures. Our presentation of "Team That’s Bowhunting" in the Colorado backcountry during September 2019 is a testament to this ethos. This wasn't just any archery hunt; it was a narrative of persistence, brotherhood, and the majestic unpredictability of nature.

The hunt, set against the rugged beauty of Colorado's public lands, was an ambitious endeavor from the get-go. With the region known for its heavy pressure, particularly during the archery elk season, the typical expectation might be one harvested bull — if luck held out. Our team, however, was graced with an extraordinary experience that defied these odds, an experience we were thrilled to encapsulate into less than 10 spellbinding minutes of footage.

Our approach to this film was twofold: we wanted viewers to feel like they were right there, in the heart of the action, while also providing an informative lens on the gear and tactics employed. The cinematography was designed not just to showcase the stunning landscape, but to immerse the audience in the journey. Every grunt of effort, whisper of the wind, and crackle of underbrush was an opportunity to pull viewers deeper into the experience.

One aspect we were keen to highlight was the specialized gear used by the hunters. The Badlands’ Approach camo, with its innovative Adaptive Coloration, was a key player in the team’s stealth and adaptability in the wild. By spotlighting how the gear worked in real-time, adjusting to the shifting light and terrain, we provided valuable insights for fellow hunting enthusiasts.

Yet, beyond the technicalities of the hunt, what truly stood out was the indomitable spirit of Team That’s Bowhunting. Both J.C. Navarro and Royle Scrogham demonstrated not just skill, but an intimate understanding and respect for the elk. Their expertise, coupled with an unyielding resolve, painted a vivid picture of what it means to be a dedicated bowhunter under challenging conditions.

But, perhaps the most touching narrative was the unspoken bond among the hunters. Their brotherhood was palpable, reminding us all that the heart of such expeditions is sharing these intense, fleeting moments with those we trust and respect. The highs, the lows, and the final triumphant success were all underscored by this deep-seated camaraderie.

As Checked In Media, we believe in the power of storytelling that resonates on a human level. The overwhelming positive response to this film on YouTube reaffirms our commitment to bringing such authentic stories to life. We invite viewers to not just watch, but to engage, provide feedback, and become a part of the conversation. After all, every comment, observation, and shared experience fuels our passion for taking on the next untold story from the wild!

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