Nov 15, 2023

Capturing Conservation: How Video Production is Shaping the Future of Wyoming's Wildlife

A Journey Through Wyoming's Elk Feed Grounds

In November 2020, Checked In Media embarked on an exciting project, producing our first video with S&S Outfitters, a company committed to outdoor experiences and wildlife preservation. This collaboration marked a significant step in our journey, as we ventured into the historic elk feed grounds of Wyoming, capturing their essence and the critical role they play in wildlife conservation.

Alpine Adventures and the Box Y Ranch

Our team traveled to Alpine, Wyoming, where we stayed at the Box Y Ranch, leased by S&S Outfitters for hunting expeditions. This stunning location provided not just a base for our production but also served as a window into the rugged beauty of Wyoming's wilderness.

The Interview: A Dynamic Setup

The highlight of our production was a two-person interview, innovatively filmed with a three-camera setup. This arrangement allowed us to capture both participants in a single frame, with additional close-up angles for a more intimate perspective. This dynamic approach enabled us to weave a compelling narrative during the live-action interview.

B-Roll: Capturing the Essence of the Feed Grounds

To complement our interview footage, we shot extensive B-roll at the actual elk feed grounds. These visuals were crucial in illustrating the story of these refuges, especially during the harsh Wyoming winters.

A Trip to Cheyenne: Voices from the Legal Front

Our journey continued to Cheyenne, where we interviewed individuals involved in lobbying related to the elk feed grounds. These conversations provided valuable insights into the legal and environmental aspects surrounding this issue.

Chronic Wasting Disease and Conservation Efforts

An integral part of our documentary touched upon the challenges posed by chronic wasting disease. Through our video, we aimed to educate viewers about this issue and the significant efforts made by game and fish departments in combating it.

Collaboration with Local Associations

Our project was further enriched by working alongside the Black County Outfitters and Guide Association and Safari Club International. Their involvement underscored the communal effort in raising awareness about wildlife conservation.

A Call to Action

Sy Gilliland, the owner of S&S Outfitters, and Heather Adels, who heads their video production department, were instrumental in this project. Our collaboration not only highlighted the historical significance of the elk feed grounds but also served as a call to action, urging viewers to contribute to these conservation efforts.

Reflecting on Our Production Journey

As Checked In Media, we pride ourselves on crafting stories that matter. This production with S&S Outfitters was more than just a video; it was a testament to our commitment to storytelling that educates, engages, and inspires action. Our journey through Wyoming's elk feed grounds was a remarkable experience, one that we hope resonates with our audience and contributes meaningfully to wildlife conservation efforts.

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