Sep 12, 2021

Capturing the Authentic Wyoming: A Video Production Journey with CV Grass Finished Beef


here’s an undeniable spirit that roams the open fields of Wyoming, one that lives in the heartbeats of local businesses like CV Grass Finished Beef. As a seasoned video production professional in Wyoming, I’ve seen it all, but each shoot brings something unique to the table, or in this case, the ranch.

The Adventure Begins: Transitioning from City Streets to Muddy PathsMy recent venture began the moment I parked at the Sigel family’s ranch, swapping my Reebok Nanos for trusty muck boots almost instantly. Wyoming doesn’t do anything halfway — it’s a land of extremes. Whether you're battling the heat or the cold, the mud or the dust, being prepared is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. That quick switch caught the eye of a cowgirl, sparking her remark, "clearly this isn’t your first rodeo filming at a ranch." Indeed, it wasn’t. But familiarity doesn't breed contempt; it breeds respect, respect for the demanding environment of Wyoming.

Canon R5: The Game ChangerThis shoot doubled as a beta test for my Canon R5, a piece of equipment I welcomed into my kit back in 2021. Despite the initial handicap of adapting my older EF lenses with a converter, due to the absence of RF glass, the camera didn’t disappoint. The R5 isn’t just a camera; it’s a resilient partner in the creative process. Its image quality surpasses expectations, and the eye and animal tracking technology are nothing short of revolutionary, especially when your subjects are as dynamic and unpredictable as those on a Wyoming ranch.

Eat Wyoming Collaboration: Bringing Local Producers to the SpotlightOur project was commissioned by Eat Wyoming, an initiative dedicated to uplifting local food producers through vibrant, authentic storytelling. However, capturing the essence of CV Grass Finished Beef was a unique challenge. How do you encapsulate the breadth of an entire beef? The answer: strategic ingenuity. By constructing a large backdrop and positioning the products in an appealing, organized fashion, we created a visual narrative. It wasn’t just about showcasing food; it was about immersing potential buyers in the journey, ensuring they understand the value and origin of their purchase.

More Than Just a Shoot: Adding Value to the CommunityThis production transcended technicalities; it was an opportunity to contribute tangibly to the community. Every frame captured was more than just a picture; it was a story, a testament to Wyoming's rugged beauty and the hard work of its people. Working with the Sigel family at CV Grass Finished Beef wasn’t just another project; it was a reminder of why I do what I do.

Through the lens of the Canon R5, we’re not just taking videos or snapping photos; we're preserving the soul of Wyoming, one shoot at a time. Here's to more adventures, more stories, and more honest, hard work captured on film. Because, in Wyoming, that’s what we're all about.