Apr 5, 2024

Empowering Casper's Narrative: Hilltop Bank, Checked In Media, and Stengel Media's Collaborative Video Production Excellence

In the heart of Wyoming, where community spirit and ambition intertwine, Checked In Media emerges as a beacon of collaborative innovation. Our journey with Only Co., a Sheridan-based ad agency, and the local support of Hilltop Bank, showcases the extraordinary outcomes of synergy. This partnership, fueled by a shared vision, not only championed Hilltop Bank's growth narrative but also embraced the essence of community support, mirroring their expansion from Casper to Cheyenne.

The Synergy of Technology and Vision: An Anamorphic Narrative In Casper Wyoming

Central to our narrative is an innovative approach to cinematography, led by Anthony Stengel, our Director of Photography. His unique anamorphic lens system, featuring the GAF Anamorphic Aviascope Adapter paired with the Sony FX6 and Leica R lenses, allowed us to capture cinematic quality reminiscent of top-tier commercials. This decision wasn't just about aesthetics; it symbolized our aim to elevate Casper's local stories to a broader audience, using lens flares and a distinctive aspect ratio to craft visuals that rival the best.

Anthoney Stengle Director of Photography In Casper Wyoming Working with Adam Amick

Embracing Local Talent: The Journey of Logan Wilson a Casper Native

Our commercial sought to parallel the inspiring journey of Logan Wilson, from Casper's fields to the NFL. This narrative, supported by Hilltop Bank, reflects the community's role in nurturing dreams, resonating with anyone daring to aim high. It's a story of local pride and the undeniable talent emerging from Wyoming, exemplified by Wilson's remarkable career.

Boundary Breakers: Collaborating with Natrona County School District

A pivotal moment in our production was partnering with the Natrona County School District, overcoming policy barriers to film on their premises. This achievement highlights our commitment to community engagement, showcasing how dialogue can lead to meaningful outcomes. Our preparatory work, set against a picturesque snowfall at the Dick Cheney Alumni Field, laid the groundwork for our vision, blending meticulous planning with creative spontaneity.

The Role of Jose Moralez: Behind the Scenes Excellence

Integral to our project was Jose Moralez, owner of JM Web & Design, whose behind-the-scenes photography and technical assistance brought our vision to life. Moralez's expertise in lighting setup and cable management, combined with his keen photographic eye, enriched our production, capturing the essence of our work and the beauty of collaboration.

A Testament to Resilience: The Super Bowl Commercial

Producing a Super Bowl commercial under time constraints and unpredictable weather challenges showcased our collective resilience. This endeavor, a partnership between Checked In Media, Stengel Media, and the unwavering support of Natrona County School District, resulted in a commercial we believe to be among Wyoming's finest. More than a commercial, it's a celebration of overcoming adversity through creativity, teamwork, and community support.

Beyond Borders: Expanding Our Creative Horizon

Checked In Media's commitment extends beyond Casper, embracing storytelling opportunities in neighboring states. Each project is a chance to forge new connections and contribute to the narrative of communities and businesses alike.

A Unique Filming Experience: Bush Wells and Cheney Alumni Field

Our commercial's authenticity was amplified by filming at iconic local venues: the Cheney Alumni Field and Bush Wells. These locations not only provided the perfect backdrop for our narrative but also allowed us to tap into the local essence of Casper. Bush Wells, in particular, facilitated a unique setting for our closing scene, turning part of their building into a studio and showcasing University of Wyoming products to reinforce our commercial's theme of aspiration and support.

Bush Wells Sporting Goods Screen Printing and Embroidery - One location for the Super bowl commercial

A Community's Collective Achievement

This project, from its conception to execution, is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community support. It's a narrative we're proud to share, highlighting not just the production of a Super Bowl commercial but the shared vision and collective effort of all involved. Checked In Media, alongside our partners and the Casper community, believes in the power of storytelling to inspire, unite, and propel us toward shared success.

This story is more than a commercial; it's a reflection of Casper's spirit, showcasing the community's capacity to dream big and achieve bigger, together.

Adam Amick and Anthony Stengle working on a production in Bush wells in downtown Casper
Adam Amick and Anthony Stengle working on a production in Bush wells in downtown Casper looking at an FX6
Adam Amick and Anthony Stengle working on a production in Bush wells in downtown Casper with Pat Bower and Mark Merback
I checked in media production in Casper Wyoming at the Dick Cheney alumni field
Anthony Stengel with Stengle media assembling his equipment on a checked in media shoot
And over the shoulder shot of Anthony Stengle with Stengle media filming an athlete at the Dick Cheney alumni field
Stengle Media filming with checked in media at the Dick Cheney alumni Field in the evening with a light flair
Adam Ek with checked in media and stengle Media collaborating
An evening shot on the Dick Cheney alumni field with Adam Amick, Jose Moralez Anthony Stengle in downtown Casper
An exterior shot of bush wells for the checked in media video shoot in downtown Casper
Adam amick directing a video scene for a hilltop bank commercial with Stengle media
Anthony Stengel with Stengle media working with Adam Amick in downtown Casper at Bush Wells while Adam directs a hilltop bank commercial
Adam Amick and Anthony Stengle working closely together in downtown Casper
A cold morning with Anthony Stengle and Adam Amick
Adam Amick directing a morning shoot with Stengle media while Anthony Stengle is in a glide cam at sunrise
Adam Amick directing a video production in Casper Wyoming with checked in media and Stengle media at sunrise in Casper
José Moralez helping Anthony Stengel on a checked in media video production in Casper Wyoming
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