Jan 9, 2019

Hilltop Bank: Authentic Stories by Checked In Media


n the world of visual storytelling, authenticity isn't just an element; it's the cornerstone. At Checked In Media, our recent project for Hilltop National Bank epitomized this principle, transforming a promotional video into a slice of real-life, all set against the backdrop of our vibrant Casper community.

The task? A video tailored for new home buyers — a segment that thrives on relatability and genuine emotion. Instead of hiring professional actors, we turned to real individuals whose experiences mirror those of our target audience. Enter Tanner Gally and Shelby, his then-fiancée, now his wife, who graciously stepped into the role of "actors" for this project. Their natural chemistry and authentic interactions are elements no amount of professional acting could replicate, making them the perfect fit for a message centered around such a monumental life event as buying a new home.

However, authenticity in storytelling doesn't come without its set of challenges. We envisioned a climax scene featuring a cannon blasting confetti into the air, symbolizing celebration and new beginnings. Yet, nature had other plans. With a particularly tumultuous spring season in Casper, timing became our greatest adversary. We needed clear skies and the perfect weather, not just for the aesthetics, but for the safety and feasibility of the shot.

After much anticipation and a few scheduling hiccups, the skies cleared, and the scene was set. Our team, along with Tanner and Shelby, convened for the magic. With precise coordination, the confetti cannon erupted at the perfect moment, showering our "real-life couple" in a colorful cascade that was as genuine as their bond. It wasn't just a shot; it was a moment of true, unfiltered joy.

Showcasing this video on our blog, we're not just sharing a project; we're revealing the heart of Checked In Media. Our approach goes beyond conventional strategies; it's about weaving the community's real stories into a narrative that resonates. We brave the elements, literal and figurative, and employ creative solutions, ensuring every shot, every frame, is not just seen but felt.

This project for Hilltop National Bank is a testament to our commitment. By overcoming logistical challenges and harnessing the power of real relationships and emotions, we've crafted a narrative that's not only promotional but profoundly personal. It's a celebration of new beginnings, not just for Tanner and Shelby, but for every new home buyer in Casper. And through this, we reiterate our role in the community's narrative, not as mere observers but as active participants shaping the stories that matter.