Apr 14, 2024

Professional Product Photography: Cari Faye and Adam Amick's Food & Drink Photography in Casper Wyoming

Elevate Your Brand with Expert Food & Drink Photography

At Checked In Media, we are not just videographers; we are Casper, Wyoming's authority on professional food and drink photography. Specializing in macro photography, we ensure that every detail of your product is captured with precision, making it stand out in a competitive market.

I'm Adam Amick, the founder of Checked In Media. My passion for photography, particularly in capturing the intricate details of food, drinks, and products, drives our mission to offer unparalleled visual solutions. Our expertise enables local businesses to showcase their offerings in the most enticing way possible.

In this post, we’ll dive into a recent collaboration that highlights our capabilities and the artistic finesse we bring to every project. Join us as we explore the vibrant world of food and drink photography through a special shoot with Occasions by Cory at The Drinkery, where creativity meets culinary art.

A Lens on Local Excellence: Occasions by Cory and The Drinkery

Recently, we had the delightful opportunity to work with Cory Polus, the mastermind behind Occasions by Cory, known for its top-tier catering and event services in Casper. Cory's commitment to culinary excellence without a drop of alcohol mirrors my own lifestyle choices, making every collaboration a personal joy.

Cari Faye showing off the Drinkery in Casper Wyomings New Spring Drinks

With the spring season in full bloom, Cory approached us for a special project—capturing the essence of spring through his new drink menu at The Drinkery, one of downtown Casper's premier spots for seasonal refreshments. Although aimed at showcasing alcoholic beverages, Cory ensures there’s something special for everyone, respecting his and others’ choice of sobriety.

Behind the Scenes with Cari Antonovich

Cari Faye and Adam Amick photographic Occasions By Cory and the Drinkery spring drinks! 

During this vibrant shoot, we were joined by Cari Antonovich, a remarkable local photographer known for her unique senior and artistic portraits. As fate would have it, she wasn’t just visiting; Cari ended up being our impromptu hand model for the day, her fashionable style adding just the right touch of elegance to our shots.

Capturing these moments wasn’t just about pointing and shooting. Each drink took about 30 minutes to style and photograph, using a Canon R5 coupled with EL-1 flash units for that perfect splash of light. The meticulous effort to capture the sparkle in each beverage was a challenge, but deeply gratifying.

A Peek at Our Craft

We even made a behind-the-scenes video with Cari, highlighting the fun and intricacies involved in a professional photography shoot. It's one thing to see the final gorgeous photos, but another to understand the creative process that goes into making each image a piece of art.

Join Us Down the Lens

This blog isn’t just a showcase; it’s a call to all local businesses and event planners. Whether it’s a gala, a quiet dinner, or a bustling social event, Checked In Media is here to elevate your product, food, and drink presentations through professional photography.

We invite you to stop by The Drinkery to experience Cory’s latest creations or book Occasions by Cory for your next event. And for those memorable moments that demand a snapshot, consider Checked In Media, your new go-to for exceptional food and drink photography right here in Casper, Wyoming.

Let us help you capture the heart of your product with images that entice and allure. After all, every picture tells a story, and we’re here to help you tell yours—deliciously and memorably.

Adam Amick | The Drinkery Casper Wyoming | Casper Wyoming Product Drink and Food Photography
The Drinkery Casper Wyoming | Casper Wyoming Product Drink and Food Photography
The Drinkery Casper Wyoming | Casper Wyoming Product Drink and Food Photography
The Drinkery Casper Wyoming | Casper Wyoming Product Drink and Food Photography
The Drinkery Casper Wyoming
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